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Stitching the jute scraps

This is the story of a non profit organization in the northern part of India, committed to teach sustainable practices to people and helping many small scale artisans make a living by transforming the discarded stuff into items of everyday use. One of their key focus is to spread awareness on the R’s of sustainability to create as less waste as possible and convert the waste into something useful. The thinking of this organization is that Earth has huge potential for sustaining many different forms of life but we have polluted it so much that it is getting contaminated each passing day. So, we really need to reduce creating waste and whatever waste is created, we should transform it into something else.  The artisans do a great job...

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Mauritius and its talented artisans

Mark Twain once said, “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius.” Mauritius, a small island country in Africa, in the middle of Indian Ocean is known for its serene beaches, blue lagoons and untouched reefs.

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My upcycling journey continues..

It’s been more than a year since I started GoodsAgain. In the last one year, I have launched my Ecommerce website, sourced several upcycled products from 3 different continents, made new connections from across the globe, and learnt a ton about running a business, sustainability, and balancing my business with my family.

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Circular Economy and why should I care

Do you know how your clothes, shoes, and accessories were produced? In many cases, with lots of resources and with tons of waste creation. Each time a new material is created, there is a whole end to end process involved in getting the raw material, transporting it to factories, processing it with machines, manufacturing the end product from it, packaging, shipping and so on.

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Is there an Eco-friendly Leather?

The production of traditional leather hurts the animals, the environment, the workers who manufacture it, and the people who live near such manufacturing houses. Kudos to innovations in sustainable designs that we have now many choices of vegan leather available. 

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