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My upcycling journey continues..

It’s been more than a year since I started GoodsAgain. In the last one year, I have launched my Ecommerce website, sourced several upcycled products from 3 different continents, made new connections from across the globe, and learnt a ton about running a business, sustainability, and balancing my business with my family.

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Circular Economy and why should I care

Do you know how your clothes, shoes, and accessories were produced? In many cases, with lots of resources and with tons of waste creation. Each time a new material is created, there is a whole end to end process involved in getting the raw material, transporting it to factories, processing it with machines, manufacturing the end product from it, packaging, shipping and so on.

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Is there an Eco-friendly Leather?

The production of traditional leather hurts the animals, the environment, the workers who manufacture it, and the people who live near such manufacturing houses. Kudos to innovations in sustainable designs that we have now many choices of vegan leather available. 

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Cutlery from plant waste

We don't want to use single-use plastic but it's also not practical to always carry reusable cutlery with us. Biodegradable cutlery is a perfect solution to this dilemma. One such option is made from sugarcane waste without adding any harmful chemicals in the process. It’s sturdy, water resistant, oil resistant, and microwave-safe. 

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