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My upcycling journey continues..

It’s been more than a year since I started GoodsAgain. In the last one year, I have launched my Ecommerce website, sourced several upcycled products from 3 different continents (yet to upload all of them on the website but will be there very soon), made new connections from across the globe, and learnt a ton about running a business, sustainability, and balancing my business with my family. Above all, it has been a truly enriching and humbling journey to learn about the latest developments and some extraordinary work happening in the upcycling and sustainability space.

Tanu Kumar
"Tanu Bansal"

Knowing more about what’s happening in this space evokes mixed emotions for me. It is sad to learn about the extremely high levels of unnecessary trash that gets generated by mindless consumption that seems to be never ending. The more you know the worse you feel about it.  But on the other hand, there is also so much optimism when I see innovation happening across the globe on both small scale and large scale to convert that trash into something useful. Ultimately, it comes down to technology, creativity, and innovation working together and the passion and drive of individuals who care to make a change. 

In my search for upcycled products, I have been able to connect with some really inspiring people who  are following their passion of art and design to create beautiful upcycled products from materials otherwise considered waste. There are products being made from scraps of the textile industry, old magazines and newspapers, left overs of the sewing and knitting factories and so on. The saying ‘One (wo) man’s trash is another (wo) man’s treasure’ fits perfectly here. Being a female founder, I took the liberty of making this old adage a little more gender neutral.

With climate change here in full force already as evident from more intense hurricanes, storms, flooding, and extreme weather happening all around the world, I am hoping for more awareness and more action at all levels that can start to reverse these effects of climate change. I am even more determined to continue on the journey I started and make an impact, no matter how small, in fighting this real issue facing all of us and our future generations. 

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