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Simple zerowaste tips for a sustainable home

There are several ways you can upcycle things in your everyday life to help reach your zerowaste goals without being very artistic. You also save money in the process by reusing, repurposing existing things and noy buying new ones. Here are some simple, quick, and easy ways you can upcycle products you use in your daily life for a more sustainable living and save Mother Earth.

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Why is Upcycling hard?

It is not always a well defined process of designing a product, procuring raw materials, and making it. Here, the raw materials aka discarded materials considered waste come first and then you decide what you can make from those. So what are some top challenges that are unique to upcycling?

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One of a kind 'paper fabric'

If you are wondering how a bag or product made from newspapers is so durable, the magic lies in its design which is a result of almost 5 years of experimentation of failures and improvements. 

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Stitching the jute scraps

This is the story of a non profit organization in the northern part of India, committed to teach sustainable practices to people and helping many small scale artisans make a living by transforming the discarded stuff into items of everyday use. One of their key focus is to spread awareness on the R’s of sustainability to create as less waste as possible and convert the waste into something useful. The thinking of this organization is that Earth has huge potential for sustaining many different forms of life but we have polluted it so much that it is getting contaminated each passing day. So, we really need to reduce creating waste and whatever waste is created, we should transform it into something else.  The artisans do a great job...

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Mauritius and its talented artisans

Mark Twain once said, “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius.” Mauritius, a small island country in Africa, in the middle of Indian Ocean is known for its serene beaches, blue lagoons and untouched reefs.

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