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Where Traditional Art meets the Modern Fabric

Denim is perhaps one of the most well known fabric around the world. From work jeans to casual wear  to dresses and to bags, this sturdy low maintenance fabric is around for years and is a favorite of many. If you are not sure what it is made from, its source is the same cotton plant, but it looks different than a cotton cloth because of the way the fiber gets woven. With over 2 billion pairs of jeans produced in a year, there is no shortage of denim scraps and excess textile from the denim factories. Our upcycled denim collection at GoodsAgain tries to do its part by rescuing some of those scraps and gives them a second life by...

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Simple zerowaste tips for a sustainable home

There are several ways you can upcycle things in your everyday life to help reach your zerowaste goals without being very artistic. You also save money in the process by reusing, repurposing existing things and noy buying new ones. Here are some simple, quick, and easy ways you can upcycle products you use in your daily life for a more sustainable living and save Mother Earth.

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One of a kind 'paper fabric'

If you are wondering how a bag or product made from newspapers is so durable, the magic lies in its design which is a result of almost 5 years of experimentation of failures and improvements. 

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