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Weaving Newspapers into Bags and Accessories

When you combine great product design with years of handloom experience, you can only get an awesome product with inspiring stories of people behind them.  We were lucky to find this great artisan who is also a graduate in textile design who along with his wife has a personal passion to uplift the lives of rural women from his native village in India. These women, without any good employment opportunities, otherwise remain in poverty. The rural women make this unique 'newspaper fabric' by weaving thin strips of the old newspapers on the loom similar to how they have been doing yarn for all these years. Weaving is a soulful activity for these women and they take a lot of pride in their...

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Rescuing silk remnants to Scarves

The gorgeous silk scarves are coming from a quaint and calm place in the rural parts of a northeast state in India where life moves at its own sweet pace with no urban madness, where women weave the silk threads with exceptional craftsmanship coming from generations of experience.  These women are weaving these exquisite scarfs using the leftover spindles of silk yarn after a core collection of a luxury ensemble was complete. There are yarns left over in different colors and from two different types of silk - Pat silk and Tussar silk, both found in India. As inherent to upcycling, when you don't have control over your raw materials, you cannot plan an exact same design for all scarves so...

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Crocheting leftover yarns

What do you do with remnants of small threads and premium fabric too short to be made into clothes but too beautiful to be thrown to waste? Lolita and Stacy found the answer to this question: crochet earrings! Lolita and Stacy live on the paradise island of Mauritius and are the forces behind these colorful pieces of jewelry and accessories made from the leftover yarn and fabric. Inspired by their island’s natural beauty and wanting to do something to keep the oceans clean and serene, they started their upcycling journey. Lolita and Stacy work together with local artisans of Mauritius to make beautiful crop tops. The sewing, cutting and knitting of crop tops leaves behind small pieces of yarn and fabric in...

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Refashioning contemporary styles

When she didn’t like anything available as per her style, she tried a different approach. She took her mom’s pre-loved clothes and converted them into something more trendy, casual and unique. The compliments she received from her first creations was the inspiration behind what Arad does today. 

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Upcycling everyday things

She challenged herself with finding other materials, like old, discarded t-shirts to craft organizers and baskets using the traditional crochet and weaving techniques. 

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