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Second life of single-use

Single use plastics have a huge impact on earth. On average, more than 120 million plastic water bottles are used every day in the US alone. That’s a staggering number!     While we all should strive to minimize the consumption of single use plastic as much as we can, what about the ones already consumed and ready to go to the landfill or our oceans? There is a ray of hope. Companies are making some really cool products by recycling single use plastics. And if you don’t know about the origin of the product, there is no way to tell the difference. Check out this t-shirt made using recycled plastic bottles or these golf shorts made from plastic waste...

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Living in the COVID-19 world

We are all living in a different world these days. For all of us, it’s the first time we have seen an impact at this level that spans across the whole world at the same time. There is no doubt about the negative impact this virus can have on the health and economy of the world, and we all want it to get over as soon as it can. On the positive side, It’s also a moment to introspect and see this challenge as an opportunity to improve our lives when we return back to the ‘normal’. With the lockdowns or shelters in place across the world, many countries have started seeing the pollution levels going down. It reminds us...

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How it all started

The trash cans filled with single use plastic, the excess clothing hanging in the clearance sections that will fill up the landfills soon, the tons of plastic bags coming with grocery shopping - the waste all around us is endless. We wanted to do our part by first not creating this waste and then by helping clean up the earth by using products that are using responsible choices. We discovered that there are many innovative brands making new products using the existing waste products that would have otherwise gone to landfills rather than sourcing virgin raw materials. These brands were giving a second life to existing products. We found tee shirts, sunglasses, active gear, yoga mats, bags, and many more...

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Our Purpose

Our mission is simple - make it easy for everyone to find products that are modern and help clean up the earth. Our thinking is simple - why start from scratch when there is so much waste out there that can be upcycled to create new products We take pride in using products made out of recycled materials and renewable sources. Stories like someone making shoes from plastic bottles, bags from old airline seats, or benches out of produce bags, get us excited! We are optimists and believe that the future is bright. We want to support brands that are doing good for the earth by cleaning it up and bring the exciting products they are making to modern consumers like you who are trying to find these products...

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