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Fast fashion express

When you see a cute looking top in the store, what are the first few things that come to your mind? Its style, color, look, and price? And if it is on a promotion, which is not uncommon, you might end up buying not just one but may be two or more of such tops! That’s the fast fashion trend these days; deals everyday and everywhere, buy clothes, wear them a few times, keep them in the closet for some time, and finally toss them in a donation bin while doing the next spring clean-up!

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Lungs of Earth

Of all the rainforests in the world, the Amazon rainforest is the largest one, generating nearly 20% of the total Oxygen and absorbing over 2 billion tonnes of Carbon dioxide each year. Hence, the health of this rainforest is critical to the health of our planet. n recent years, this diverse ecosystem is in danger due to large scale deforestation and human activity.

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Conscious sustainable living advocate

Besma is a passionate creative; you'll notice her enthusiasm on the Curiously Conscious blog, a place where beauty, fashion, home, and travel ideas meet a deep commitment to protecting the Earth and communities at large. Her interest in the planet, impact of her choices led to her travelling in incredible places and trying new items - experiences that she always shares in lots of details with readers.

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Buyerarchy of Needs

How is the transition to more conscious consumption going for you? When in doubt, the buyerarchy of needs offers great guidance in prioritizing the actions with the lowest footprints & best positive impact.

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