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What you'll love about Greener Is The New Black

Through any challenging journey, we can all use a guiding voice, an example, as well as a source of inspiration. For those of you considering or actually taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, Greener Is The New Black can be your guide. Curious as always, we took a sneak peak at Cede’s work and decided to share our key insights for your benefit. First, you'll notice that Cede has your back in the whole transition to a more sustainable life. How? Through practical insights resulted from passionate research, as she admits. However, Cede is also a Nutritional Sciences Undergraduate and has vast experience with plant-based food and traveling. Living a green life is second nature to her and she...

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Ghost gear in oceans

When something is designed to entangle, restrict movement, and trap; it can only be dangerous if left on its own. Fishing nets is one such example.

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A Good Company

How much do we know about what goes into making a phone case?Together with A Good Company, we debunk the mystery and look into alternative, zero-waste phone cases that leave our conscience clean. It’s an important question knowing that 1,500 million smartphones are getting sold each year worldwide. 

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Celebrating in eco-fun way

Enjoy your 4th of July celebrations this year while also giving Earth some freedom from carbon emissions and pollutants. We jotted down some ways you can make the celebrations high in both eco quotient and fun quotient.     1) Thinking of doing a BBQ outside? Try to add more veggies in your grill this time. You and your guests might just love the new look and flavor with these colorful additions. Simple changes like these can go a long way. If each home can cut down even a pound of beef, the water savings are huge considering it needs 2,000 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef versus less than 100 gallons of water required for most veggies....

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