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Mauritius and its talented artisans

Mark Twain once said, “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius.”

Mauritius, a small island country in Africa, in the middle of Indian Ocean is known for its serene beaches, blue lagoons and untouched reefs. I visited Mauritius during the Christmas holidays a couple of years back to spend the Holidays with my husband’s sister, Parul and her family, who have been living there for many years. I was in awe of the warmth of the people of Mauritius. It was experienced in their food, culture and especially their local crafts.




Parul and I had talked a few times about how so many people don’t know about this beautiful island and the life there. Then came the pandemic. Tourism which is the main driver of Mauritius’s economy got a severe hit with that. One day while discussing my entrepreneurial initiative with her, it immediately struck us: why don’t we explore Mauritius artisans where there is so much focus on preserving nature?

Parul at once started exploring the local Mauritian market and within a few days we got connected to a few Mauritian artisans and entrepreneurs who are all making handmade products from waste materials. Interestingly, they are all women, making handmade products one by one in very small batches, using unique upcycling techniques and materials, and creating products that are very unique and one of a kind.



I am very proud to offer upcycled products on GoodsAgain from this beautiful island of Mauritius. And I second  what Parul has to say about these creations: "Each product from Mauritius is soulful, and handmade on an island where a visit in your lifetime should be on  your bucket list."

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