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About GoodsAgain

Hi, I am Tanu and I founded GoodsAgain as a step to living a more sustainable lifestyle with a core focus on upcycled products.

I work with a small team of partners to bring upcycled products to you that are not just beautiful and earth friendly, but also have inspiring tales of passion and perseverance behind them. Pretty much all of our products are handmade and hence made in very small batches. 


What is an Upcycled product?

When a product is made using unwanted materials otherwise considered waste, instead of using virgin raw materials, it is called an Upcycled product. By using existing stuff as the starting point, an upcycled product not only diverts those waste products from going into landfills or oceans, but also significantly reduces energy consumption, water consumption and CO2 emissions. It's truly an earth-friendly product in many ways. Another cool thing about an upcycled product is that each product has an interesting story from its prior life to a second life which makes its truly unique and a great conversation starter.

How it started

My love for sustainability and a desire to do something more impactful gave me the direction to quit my corporate career and start GoodsAgain.

The sight of ‘excess’ in the form of single use plastic, or fast fashion, or plastic bags, or packaging was always annoying. Making gradual changes to reduce waste at home was not enough, it was time to do something on a broader scale, thence the idea of GoodsAgain was born!....Read more

Our Philosophy

The core tenet at GoodsAgain is to 'Reuse' existing materials as much as possible. "Why make products from the scratch when you can make them from the stuff already around you" – that’s the thinking that goes behind every product at GoodsAgain. We believe that if everyone plays their part, together we can make a significant positive impact!

Our Mission

At GoodsAgain, our mission is to play our part in reversing the climate change crisis by following a two-step approach.

1) Significantly reducing the energy and water requirements that go into making new products when virgin raw materials are used

 2) Reducing the harmful effects of pollutants by utilizing materials that would have otherwise thrown out as waste and polluted our air, water, and land.

The endless ...Read more

What Makes Us Different?

As a company with a creative soul and environmentally and socially responsible approach, here are the core elements that make us different.

Focus on Reusability

Using existing waste materials either in original form or recycled form, we produce aesthetic and unique products that use minimum quantities of new raw materials.

Design and Creativity

We partner with thinkers and designers who not only have the experience and technical know-how to innovate but also a desire to create a positive environmental impact. This enables us to infuse new life into waste materials and transform them into statement products that catch everyone’s attention.


One of the cool features of up-cycled products is their uniqueness. Each product you see at GoodsAgain has an interesting past and an equally exciting journey through which it passed to embark on its second life.

Social Impact 

At GoodsAgain, we believe that everyone has the right to live a life of respect and dignity. It's our moral responsibility to empower  the under-represented sections of society. While choosing partners, we make sure that while making an environmental impact through their products, they are also bringing a social impact by uplifting the lives of many people working with them.