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GoodsAgain is a female-owned and led brand, committed to social and environmental impact. We specialize in a curated selection of contemporary, upcycled goods that embody style, sustainability, and uniqueness. We take immense pride in utilizing surplus and recycled materials in all our product offerings. What further sets us apart is our dedication to empowering under-represented artisans, primarily women, across the globe.

Our Philosophy and Mission

The core tenet at GoodsAgain is to 'Reuse' existing materials as much as possible. "Why make products from the scratch when you can make them from the stuff already around you" – that’s the thinking that goes behind every product at GoodsAgain. We believe that if everyone plays their part, we can collectively create a big positive impact!

We're doing our part to tackle the climate change crisis with a two-step plan.

 1) We are cutting down the energy and water needed to create products when they are made from scratch. Besides, it cuts down harmful emissions too.

 2) We're also curbing pollution by giving new life to materials that would've been trashed, saving our air, water, and land from contamination.

We're feeling optimistic and believe that we can make a real difference. And we hope to inspire others to join us on this journey!


How it started?

Hi, I am Tanu, the founder of GoodsAgain. I started this journey as a step to living a more sustainable lifestyle with a focus on reducing waste and reusing existing materials.



The sight of ‘excess’ that we see all around us - single use plastics, over the top packaging, mindless fast fashion, overload of freebies, have always frustrated me. I wanted to create awareness to cut this excess waste but also find ways to turn this 'waste' into something fresh and exciting. Having spent my first two decades in India, where it's a common practice to reuse, repurpose or repair anything before tossing away, it was sad and frustrating to see so much good stuff being thrown away. "Why make products from scratch when you can make them from the stuff already around you" has been the guiding philosophy behind each product at GoodsAgain. 

That's how it was named 'GoodsAgain'  because we are trying to breathe life into the existing materials to Again make Goods out of them. 

Before starting GoodsAgain, I have spent 15 years in the Corporate world. It was time to switch gears and do something that I was passionate about. Personally, I live in New Jersey with my family. I love living a healthy lifestyle, cooking meals at home, and teaching my kids everyday earth friendly ways of living and having fun!

Let's break down what Upcycling is

Upcycling is all about taking discarded materials that would've otherwise become trash and using them to create something new, instead of resorting to brand-new raw materials.

The magic of upcycling lies in its power to not only keep waste out of landfills and oceans but also to cut down on energy use, water consumption, and CO2 emissions. It's a real champ when it comes to being kind to our planet.

What makes an upcycled product really special is its journey from its previous life to its second life. Each product has a unique and captivating story, which not only adds to its charm but also makes for some pretty interesting conversations.

I work closely with selected partners who are experts at doing what they do i.e.  upcycling existing stuff into fresh new products while giving work opportunities  to under-privileged people. I love bringing you these upcycled items that not only brighten up your life but also come with stories of social impact that'll leave you inspired. We're here to get the conversation going and raise awareness about making eco-friendly choices. Thanks for hopping on board this sustainable adventure with us!


How are we different?

As a company with a creative spirit and a strong commitment to the environment and society, here are the key things that set us apart:

Focus on Reusability

We're all about giving waste materials a new lease on life, whether in their original form or after recycling. Our goal is to craft beautiful and distinctive products while using as few new raw materials as possible.

Design and Creativity

We team up with designers who not only possess the technical expertise but also share our passion for making a positive environmental impact. This synergy allows us to breathe new life into discarded materials, transforming them into eye-catching pieces.


Upcycled products have a special charm – they're one-of-a-kind. Every item you discover at GoodsAgain comes with a fascinating backstory and an equally exciting journey from its previous life to its second chance.

Social Impact 

At GoodsAgain, we firmly believe that everyone deserves respect and dignity. It's our moral duty to uplift underrepresented communities. When teaming up with partners, we ensure that in addition to their eco friendly way of making products, they're also improving the lives of those they work with. Together, we're making a difference in more ways than one.