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Circular Economy and why should I care

Do you know how your clothes, bags, and accessories were produced? In many cases, with lots of resources and with tons of waste creation. Each time a new material is created, there is a whole end to end process involved in getting the raw material, transporting it to factories, processing it with machines, manufacturing the end product from it, packaging, shipping and so on. An enormous amount of water and energy are required in this process.



As a sustainable alternative, many designers are switching to a circular economy and design approach. A circular economy cycles valuable materials and products as long as possible, with minimum waste and pollution, which allows nature to regenerate.

At GoodsAgain, we love upcycling because upcycling involves using existing materials to create new materials. Instead of throwing things as waste, you use your creativity, design skills, and labor to make an altogether new product! So you can save so much of the water and energy that would have been used otherwise if virgin raw materials were used in manufacturing.

Recycling in another great way to recover materials for similar or new uses in order to keep them in the production loop for longer. Today, we have increasingly efficient recycling processes that can recover a substantial value out of used products.

The next time you shop for fashion items, you may want to look for materials which are created using upcycled or recycled materials. You'll be surprised at the variety of options out there, just as we were when we started digging more into what can be created using reclaimed and recycled materials.

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