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How much do we know about what goes into making a phone case? It’s an important question knowing that 1,500 million smartphones are getting sold each year worldwide. A survey in the US shows that 4 out of 5 users use a protective case for their phones. Such is our drive to protect and upgrade our mobile phones, that the mobile phone accessory market is expected to reach 107.3 billion dollars by 2022.



Even if they are often hidden from us, manufacturing processes and results bear a huge environmental cost in the form of natural resource depletion, greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming, and contribution to waste creation. Together with A Good Company, we debunk the mystery and look into alternative, zero-waste phone cases that leave our conscience clean.

As a certified B-Corp, A Good Company is your big ally in making conscious shopping decisions. A Good Company offers a 0% plastic, recyclable, waste-free solution, with at least three key advantages for consumers:

  1. Sustainable materials: The phone cases are made in Sweden from linseed plant waste produced on a local farm near the company's headquarters. With zero plastic from petroleum, they can be 100% composted in your backyard or at specialised facilities. They are also recyclable, meaning that the company can use them to create new cases if you return them.
  1. Protection function: Just as any case, the main function remains the protection of the phone. This quality is not compromised. It's also embedded in the company's mission to increase the durability of products in use.
  1. Climate-friendly delivery: The cherry on top comes with the product shipping, which is fully compensated for in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and product packaging. The company is part of the Cradle-to-Cradle certified Stone Paper Packaging.

These benefits allow the company to create a circular system, by which users enjoy the products for as long as they want, then reused and reworked to create new products for new users. Every material is valued. Meanwhile, the environment doesn't get affected during these commercial activities.

Compared to traditional cases, this is a big jump in the future. Why? Because conventional cases use at least 35 grams of plastic per unit and are not biodegradable, nor recyclable, staying in the environment for hundreds of years after being discarded. You use the case for a few months, but the Earth deals with it for a long, long time.

If you're curious about making a positive impact, check out the great variety of sustainable mobile cases on A Good Company's website.

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