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What you'll love about Greener Is The New Black

Through any challenging journey, we can all use a guiding voice, an example, as well as a source of inspiration. For those of you considering or actually taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, Greener Is The New Black can be your guide. Curious as always, we took a sneak peak at Cede’s work and decided to share our key insights for your benefit.

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First, you'll notice that Cede has your back in the whole transition to a more sustainable life. How? Through practical insights resulted from passionate research, as she admits. However, Cede is also a Nutritional Sciences Undergraduate and has vast experience with plant-based food and traveling. Living a green life is second nature to her and she wants to share the secrets with you.

Cede herself is on a journey to a greener lifestyle. You can see this because all her content feels personal, intimate, like a conversation with a friend who's going through the same issues and “AHA!” moments as you. Her advice touches on everything from day-to-day habits, to shopping decisions, and the overall mindset that will help you make a positive impact in your community.

So, what articles will you find on her blog? Ones that caught our eye explored mainstream consumerism and the marketing campaigns that drive unnecessary purchases. Cede explains how infusing minimalism and eco-consciousness into out lifestyle can prevent us from buying things that are marketed to us, but we don't actually need.  She also gives some witty advice on things to avoid.

Sure, products that don’t help you may still be useful for somebody else. But the key here is that we need to be fully aware of the reason behind a purchase. Is it because it fulfills a basic need? Or maybe it's an indulgence that we longed for and now we feel that we deserve the treat. Whatever it is, we have to really understand and own these decisions and their impact on our surroundings, instead of falling for a marketing tactic.

Aside from these motivational entries, you will also enjoy Cede's adventures with recycling. In detailed, yet simple and fun terms, she explains the whole recycling process, from a consumer standpoint. What are the different types of materials that can be recycled?  Are there any items that can actually harm the system if thrown away into the recycling bin? Aside from answering these questions, she covers some basic action points that you can take to ensure you're helping the recycling system work effectively.

Finally, Greener Is The New Black features tons of ridiculously good-looking vegan recipes. Cede's culinary journey will make you fall in love with new ingredients and flavour blends, from marinated tofu, to DIY granola bars and coconut lentil soups. Plant-based eats have never been boring, but she features some special recipes that promise to spice up any meal.

Do you want to start living a little greener? Follow Cede for more inspiring content.

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