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Buyerarchy of Needs

Conscious consumerism is one of the rising trends and getting popular each day. And we at GoodsAgain wish for a day when it is not a trend, rather it just becomes a natural behavior for most of us. If you are wondering what exactly Conscious Consumerism is, in simple terms, it’s when people choose to spend their dollars more consciously after thinking not just the economic but also the environmental and social impact of their purchase.

How is the transition to more conscious consumption going for you? When in doubt, the buyerarchy of needs offers great guidance in prioritizing the actions with the lowest footprints & best positive impact.

Conscious Consumerism and Buyerarchy

1. It starts with celebrating what we already have - falling in love with the same products over and over again. If it was not bought as just another fast fashion trend item, chances are that you would like to keep it longer.

2. Borrowing and swapping is another great way to keep the same products in use for as long as somebody finds value in them. Try to initiate a conversation about this with your friends and local community groups, you might be surprised to see how many people love the idea of swapping and borrowing!

3. Thrifting is probably the most fun. There’s a thrilling aspect in running through flea markets and vintage places for interesting finds at affordable prices. It helps the planet, too. Thanks to the digital communities on social media these days that have made access to secondhand stuff even easier. 

4. Making your own products will get your creative juice flowing. It’s also a great chance to give new life to old things that would otherwise be wasted. Trust us, you do not need to be super creative to try different combinations in your wardrobe or just wearing something in a different style. 

5. Last one is Buying. If you have to buy something new for yourself or gifting someone, consider buying something that's sustainably made. Ofcourse for us, Upcycled products are very sustainable because very few new raw materials were used in making them and they also clean up waste that was otherwise going to the landfills or oceans.

Thanks to the growing trend in sustainability and zero waste that people have started looking for these products which are responsibly made and create a positive impact! That's really a need of the hour looking at the devastating effects of climate change happening so much more frequently these days!

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