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Conscious sustainable living advocate

In our journey towards a more conscious lifestyle, we were pleased to find an ocean of inspiring content. It's time we talked about the people behind these great efforts to guide communities through more sustainable product choices. Meet Besma Whayeb, sustainable fashion and lifestyle advocate.

Besma curiously conscious


Besma is a passionate creative; you'll notice her enthusiasm on the Curiously Conscious blog, a place where beauty, fashion, home, and travel ideas meet a deep commitment to protecting the Earth and communities at large. Her interest in the planet and the understanding the impact of her choices led to her traveling in incredible places and trying new items - experiences that she always shares in lots of details with readers.

For instance, we loved the Curiously Conscious guide through black-owned sustainable businesses. After reviewing the vulnerabilities inherent in the current system, Besma puts together a useful list of companies from around the world.

Another topic that you'll find covered in depth is sustainable fashion as an alternative to the toxic fast fashion culture. High speed and low costs for consumers at the expense of labor abuses and wasteful practices are no longer the norms. If you're interested in sustainable brand options that you can align with, you'll quickly bookmark Curiously Conscious. You can also find new ways of supporting eco-friendly brands and ethical fashion movements.

Also, don't worry if you don't read blogs - it's super easy to follow her work, as she is active on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and the other digital community she founded, Ethical Influencers.

Equally educational and inspiring, Ethical Influencers gives voice and impact to the extended community of sustainability advocates. This partnership with other creatives and influencers in the sustainability niche is what differentiates Besma's approach to communicating a sustainable lifestyle. Here, you'll find a network of over 700 storytellers and champions of positive change that can provide inspiration, exposure, and the opportunity of starting meaningful relationships.

To see Besma's latest advice on sustainable living, check out one of her multiple projects: Curiously Conscious, Ethical Influencers, or the Haulternative Closet.

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