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Rescuing silk remnants to Scarves

The gorgeous silk scarves are coming from a quaint and calm place in the rural parts of a northeast state in India where life moves at its own sweet pace with no urban madness, where women weave the silk threads with exceptional craftsmanship coming from generations of experience. 

These women are weaving these exquisite scarfs using the leftover spindles of silk yarn after a core collection of a luxury ensemble was complete. There are yarns left over in different colors and from two different types of silk - Pat silk and Tussar silk, both found in India. As inherent to upcycling, when you don't have control over your raw materials, you cannot plan an exact same design for all scarves so there are multiple colors and patterns in the scarves each one of its own unique type.

Weaving is a soulful activity for these women and they take immense pride in their work. No rigid instructions or designs were provided to them. They had the liberty to come up with their own patterns for the scarves. All styles and textures that you notice on these scarves are a result of weaving on the loom, it's just how they are weaved determines the final pattern that the scarf will take.

These upcycled silk scarves are empowering numerous native women from this beautiful land and helping them and their families get out of poverty. We are very proud and honored to bring this collection to you!

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