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Refashioning contemporary styles

When she didn’t like anything available as per her style, she tried a different approach. She took her mom’s pre-loved clothes and converted them into something more trendy, casual and unique. The compliments she received from her first creations was the inspiration behind what Arad does today. 

 Arad, living on the island of Mauritius, became an upcycling designer transforming old clothes into trendy accessories to provide additional support for her family. Knowing more about the disastrous impact of fashion industry on the environment, there was no doubt left in her to pursue her passion and use her creative mind in upcycling. What better way to contribute to the environment by extending the life of clothes that would have otherwise gone into landfills!

Upcycling is a hard row to hoe because you never know what materials you will get next time and what you will be making with them. It’s a constant mental exercise to measure, cut, design and sew and you can never plan in advance. It’s also hard to sometimes explain to others why a similar copy of something cannot be made.  

Arad gets pre-loved clothes from families, friends when they are decluttering their wardrobes. Based on the quality, size and condition of the fabric, she transforms them into something unique and one of a kind creation. Her versatility in talent allows her to make anything from bags to scarves to hair accessories from those clothes. 

“I am very excited to promote an ethical, eco conscious fashion culture. I believe we should live in peace, love and balance with mother nature, while rocking an authentic style” says Arad.



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