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Weaving Newspapers into Bags and Accessories

When you combine great product design with years of handloom experience, you can only get an awesome product with inspiring stories of people behind them. Radhesh ji has a knack for designing great products with every detail thought through. Along with that, he and his wife has a personal passion to uplift the lives of rural women from their native village who without any good employment opportunities remain in poverty.

These rural women now work on the loom to make this cool 'newspaper fabric' by weaving thin strips of the old newspapers on the loom similar to how they have been doing yarn for all these years. Weaving is a soulful activity for these women and they take a lot of pride in their work. By upcycling all these old newspapers into something of utility which will last much longer, these women also feel good that they are a part of a bigger solution of climate change.

Each of the newspaper product has a story of passion and resilience woven into it. Every product supports the lives of not just these women, but also their children and extended families.

We are very honored to have this collection at GoodsAgain.

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