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Where Traditional Art meets the Modern Fabric

Denim is perhaps one of the most well known fabric around the world. From work jeans to casual wear  to dresses and to bags, this sturdy low maintenance fabric is around for years and is a favorite of many. If you are not sure what it is made from, its source is the same cotton plant, but it looks different than a cotton cloth because of the way the fiber gets woven. With over 2 billion pairs of jeans produced in a year, there is no shortage of denim scraps and excess textile from the denim factories. Our upcycled denim collection at GoodsAgain tries to do its part by rescuing some of those scraps and gives them a second life by making beautiful bags.

 Denim stitching

In our newly added collection, we tried to introduce a pop of color in each bag using some traditional forms of art. 

Applique Needlework: Our Applique tote bag proudly showcases a gorgeous floral design right on the front created using the art of applique. Applique is a needlework technique where multiple pieces of fabric are attached to a base fabric. Needless to say the fabric patches came from excess textile aka textile factory waste. Applique patchwork has been there for almost 2,500 years! Check out this bag showcasing this traditional art in a beautiful floral pattern and is great for using as an everyday bag or a fun weekend tote!

denim tote applique

Madhubani painting: Our denim crossbody bag brings a pop of color with traditional madhubani painting. Madhubani is a famous traditional form of painting practiced in a small region in India. Instead of using contemporary brushes, artists use objects like twigs, matchsticks, or even their own fingers for painting. It is often characterized by complex geometrical patterns which have a cultural significance. We are proud to showcase this painting on our crossbody bag. It comes in two motifs - a bird and a flower, each symbolizing a cultural ritual of the region. 

denim crossbody bag handpainted

Hand Embroidery: Our Rainbow tote and Shoulder hobo bag showcase a beautiful pop of color using hand embroidery. Hand embroidery is again a traditional needlework technique which had originally started as a way to repair clothes because it was not usual to discard clothes in those days. A delicate work of art,  needing attention to detail and patience, hand embroidery brings a classic luxurious touch to the fabric. Our Rainbow tote shows a hand embroidered flower on one corner while our shoulder bag in hobo style have charming sunflowers embroidered on the front. These are great bags for weekend outings or for everyday errands.

denim tote emboirdery upcycled


shoulder hobo denim upcycled

Each of these denim bags is a hero in itself by saving thousands of liters of water, saving energy and reducing waste.  Did you know a single pair of jeans needs almost 10,000 liters of water right from the process of growing the cotton crop to getting it in stores? By rescuing denim scraps which were otherwise meant for landfills, these upcycled bags are helping combat the climate change crisis. Besides being earth friendly, these bags are handcrafted by artisans who make a living by making these bags.

Each bag creates an impact in so many ways that you can only feel proud to own them!

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