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Living in the COVID-19 world

We are all living in a different world these days. For all of us, it’s the first time we have seen an impact at this level that spans across the whole world at the same time. There is no doubt about the negative impact this virus can have on the health and economy of the world, and we all want it to get over as soon as it can. On the positive side, It’s also a moment to introspect and see this challenge as an opportunity to improve our lives when we return back to the ‘normal’.

With the lockdowns or shelters in place across the world, many countries have started seeing the pollution levels going down. It reminds us how much waste we create in the air, water and land just by our daily habits and consumption styles when we live our ‘normal’ lives.

When the current situation settles down, hopefully we can be more conscious of our habits, and understand the impact we create with our everyday buying decisions. We hope that when the cafes will open again, we will think again before using that disposable coffee cup or before carrying that plastic bag for our quick meal in a to-go box that comes with plastic cutlery packed in a plastic wrapper. Think about it - what I just described is using 8 different single use plastics for one quick meal!

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