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How it started

Hi, I am Tanu and I founded GoodsAgain as a step to living a more sustainable lifestyle with a core focus on upcycled products. My love for sustainability and a desire to do something more impactful gave me the direction to quit my corporate career and start GoodsAgain.

The sight of ‘excess’ in the form of single use plastic, or fast fashion, or plastic bags, or packaging was always annoying. Making gradual changes to reduce waste at home was not enough, it was time to do something on a broader scale, thence the idea of GoodsAgain was born!

The core focus of GoodsAgain is 'Reuse' of existing material. I believe that making something out of already existing stuff is very high on sustainability because you not only reduce harmful effects of pollution by using something that was considered waste but you also save significant amount of resources that go into processing of raw materials.  The bonus is getting a treasured end product having a unique journey from its past life to a second life.

I also strongly feel for the underprivileged communities. It is hurtful to see the uneven distribution of wealth globally. I try to play my part by working with partners who work closely with under-represented sections of society and provide them fair wages and good working conditions.

I live with my family in New Jersey. I love teaching simple everyday earth friendly ways to my kids. I have started GoodsAgain with great hope that I’ll meet others on the way, who also have the same passion of making this world a better place for all of us!