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Transforming sewing remnants into gorgeous jewelry

While growing up in the beautiful island of Mauritius, Yajvi was deeply moved by her grandmother’s hard work to hand-sew stunning dresses and by the love and care she put into her work. While the dresses were beautiful, there was also a lot of fabric scrap that used to get produced during this design and cutting process. Not to forget, the leftover pieces were beautiful satin and premium cotton in solids and prints. After all, they were meant for sewing elegant party dresses!

Inspired by her grandmother to create something beautiful coupled with a deep passion to do her part to protect the environment, Yajvi learnt the art of hand-sewing from her mother. Yajvi then started to upcycle the scraps leftover by her grandmother into useful products like scrunchies, earrings, and other accessories. While balancing her full time job, Yajvi moonlights to create these beautiful products, making a secondary living to support herself, and preventing fabric waste to get thrown into the landfills.

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