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Crafting bags using excess Denim scraps

Pooja and Prerna, the two female founders hailing from the heart of Delhi, India are the forces behind the upcycled denim bags. It all started when Prerna son’s school recommended getting a bag that was not made from plastic based fabric such as polyester, nylon etc. (hats off to the school for starting such an initiative!) With almost all bags available in the market made out of plastic based materials, it was next to impossible for Prerna to find something that is made from more sustainable materials, yet still have a modern aesthetic that her son would feel comfortable taking to school.

Prerna in Hindi literally means inspiration. True to her name, Prerna together with her friend Pooja came up with an inspiration of getting a bag stitched out of an old pair of denim jeans. The outcome was so beautiful and ingenious that they decided to build it further. They started researching and learnt about the large amount of waste that gets generated by textile industries, where  textile scraps in perfectly good condition are thrown away as trash and they decided to do something about it. 

They saw a great opportunity to rescue those scraps and breathe new life into them by creating something that’s wonderful and of utility. The fearless team of two are working with textile factories and mills in India to collect their scraps and then work with the local artisans and tailors of Delhi to infuse a second life into them, thereby diverting them from going into landfills.

"Every product of ours is lovingly handcrafted by the local artisans thus helping them to preserve their talent and enhance their source of income. Our craftsmen take deep pride in every piece they transform from waste which is nothing but their heartfelt contribution towards making this a better planet." says Pooja and Prerna.  

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