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The Bracelet from worn out Life Vests

Epimonia is an organization with a central mission of providing support to the refugees. This organization upcycles the material from the life jackets that refugees wore on their traumatic journey in the Mediterranean Sea. As the life jackets they wore during their perilous journey are too worn out, they are not reusable by others. These jackets usually become a part of landfills polluting the environment or get washed away from the shores into the sea, destroying marine life. 

These custom-made upcycled bracelets are a result of true labor and love refugees put in with the hopes to settle down in a new country after following a traumatic journey, in which they left everything behind - their valuable possessions, family members, love, and bonding. 

Epimonia employs those refugees for making these hand-made and gorgeous bracelets providing them with hope, meaning, and a sense of achievement to live their lives. Through this initiative, it provides employment, spreads awareness, and donates to the education, resettlement, and citizenship of refugees to help them start afresh at a new place.

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