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Newspaper that you are not reading is causing pollution

We are living in trying times due to Covid-19. As I walk around my neighborhood  (that's pretty much the only activity you can do these days!) - I see a lot of newspapers with a plastic sleeve on getting delivered to various houses on their driveways or front porches but not getting picked up by the residents. Some people don't really want to bring those newspapers inside their homes due to fear of potential exposure to coronavirus on the newspaper and have been relying more on digital media.


There is so much plastic pollution that was already happening due to the millions of newspaper plastic sleeves that get used everyday but it is making the matters even worse now where these newspapers are not even being put to good use. Apart from the plastic sleeves, just think about the carbon footprint in delivering these newspapers. It will just take a phone call to pause deliveries of your newspapers and it can make a big impact on the earth. Around 275 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated each year around the world; between 4.8 million and 12.7 million tonnes is dumped into the sea - every small action counts. Let's make it count.

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