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Celebrating in eco-fun way

Enjoy your 4th of July celebrations this year while also giving Earth some freedom from carbon emissions and pollutants. We jotted down some ways you can make the celebrations high in both eco quotient and fun quotient.



1) Thinking of doing a BBQ outside? Try to add more veggies in your grill this time. You and your guests might just love the new look and flavor with these colorful additions.

Simple changes like these can go a long way. If each home can cut down even a pound of beef, the water savings are huge considering it needs 2,000 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef versus less than 100 gallons of water required for most veggies.

 2) Thinking of a theme decoration? Try to reuse existing decorations from earlier parties in creative ways. You never know what can come out if you unleash your hidden creativity.

Party decorations not only come wrapped up in plastic packaging, but they are mostly also made of plastic. Think of tablecloths, banners, pinwheels, party blowers, streamers. And not to forget the little pins, strings, or tapes needed to hold them in place. If we can avoid all this by reusing existing supplies, we can save a lot of trash going to landfills. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest for DIY decorations.

 3) Thinking of disposables to serve food? It’s extra work but try to use real plates and cups if possible. It will certainly make your gathering look classy.

Plastic or Plastic lined paper plates, cups and cutlery go directly to landfills so avoiding them is undoubtedly the best option. Just think about the amount of plates/cups/cutlery required in one gathering, and then think of all such gatherings happening across the nation.

 4) Thinking of fireworks? How about having fun with a dance party or get the dust off those board games lying in a corner of the house.

Fireworks create highly toxic gases and pollutants that poison the air, the water and the soil, making them toxic to birds, wildlife, pets, livestock and people. We believe it’s the spirit of the holiday that matters more. There are many environmentally friendly ways to celebrate holidays with family and friends.

Conscious decisions like these can bring big changes. Wish all of you a very happy 4th of July!

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