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Forecasting mistakes and big discounts

Have you seen the new collection 'More Bang' at GoodsAgain? We really meant to call it More Bang for your Buck but it was taking more space than it could fit on the page! :-)


We all make mistakes. As someone said mistakes can be excellent learning opportunities. We made ones in forecasting for some products. When you are very small, it's hard to predict the demand especially when you are dealing with very unique products for which demand is not well known. On top of that, making a decision based on a very small sample set is not a good idea as per the sampling theory of statistics!

I have to admit I also got carried away by the beautiful stories behind these products. Some of these products are very unique bohemian jewelry made by very creative women who make a living doing that.

makers products

It was too hard to say No to those products and the fact that they were coming from far off place, we had to order some minimum quantity to justify the logistics costs.  Our jute bags are another of those pieces which we loved at the first look and wanted to have them. Jute is an excellent ecofriendly fiber and these bags are strong, multi-purpose and great for showing your love for sustainability. 

The challenge is that with our limited storage space, we need to make some space for the new products that we have recently got. As you may have seen we have got new denim bags with unique embroidery and painting styles, new placemats and coasters, more products in the vegan leather and jewelry collection.

We have significantly reduced the prices in our 'More Bang' collection to make it easier for our customers to try something new now! So enjoy the huge savings and literally get more bang for your buck with this collection :-) If you have been thinking of buying something sustainable to start  2023, this is certainly a good time at GoodsAgain! 


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