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Stitching the jute scraps

This is the story of a non profit organization in the northern part of India, committed to teach sustainable practices to people and helping many small scale artisans make a living by transforming the discarded stuff into items of everyday use.

One of their key focus is to spread awareness on the R’s of sustainability to create as less waste as possible and convert the waste into something useful. The thinking of this organization is that Earth has huge potential for sustaining many different forms of life but we have polluted it so much that it is getting contaminated each passing day. So, we really need to reduce creating waste and whatever waste is created, we should transform it into something else. 

The artisans do a great job in converting trash such as single use plastic bags into colorful items of home decor and utility to sell them in the local markets. They also get waste jute scraps from the jute factories and handstitch beautiful bags from that. They get employment opportunities without which they might be living below the poverty line with their families.

At GoodsAgain, we are honored to keep their jute collection. Jute by itself is such an eco-friendly fiber. It is super efficient in growing, needing very little time and care, it is completely biodegradable, and is more efficient than trees in absorbing Carbon dioxide. So upcycling something which is already an eco-fiber makes these products quite high on the sustainability scale!

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